Valley Bios


VALLEY BIOS adds a whole new dimension to soil fertility. As a soil probiotic, VALLEY BIOS is a plant growth promoting rhizobacterium. VALLEY BIOS improves nutrient availability, acts as a biocontrol agent,  directly stimulates plant growth, & reduces plant stress.



DOMINATE is a highly concentrated soil probiotic designed to replace toxic soil fumigants. The main mode of action is competitive exclusion or to dominate the soil profile with trillions of cfu’s per acre of potent beneficial microbiology.



VALLEY STUBBLE BUSTER accelerates the breakdown of agricultural biomass back to its available nutrients. This sets up efficient nutrient cycling for the next years crop.




BIOACTIV P provides the plant with the most efficient form of phosphate on the market today. Chelated with active carbon, these organic acids move phosphate readily throughout the plant and help mobilize other nutrients for increased growth, yield, quality and profit.


BIOACTIV N produces biological nitrogen to the plant to optimized plant growth and maximize crop yield and quality in organic production agriculture.




GOAL LINE provides the plant with needed nutrient that manipulates the hormone balance in the plant toward seed production and bulking. GOAL LINE promotes cell elongation for higher yields and quality. Perfect for late season bulking, acceleration, and yield enhancement.